We have one
singular mission:
To make
and brands
more profitable

We help entrepreneurs and companies further the development of their business or brand. Helping clients overcome development obstacles. Helping them make their growth ambitions happen. Or, helping them make the most of new marketing opportunities. We’re committed to qualitative, substantive, and ultimately, financial success for our clients.

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Often, SME
are more
then investors.

An entrepreneur knows they have to invest to achieve results. But investments in business and brand development are usually overlooked. Consultancy firms are given full license to carry out projects as they see it fit without any promise for results. If you were to bring an athlete up to the majors, you would at least be sure they could score from the center spot—right?


Anyone can tell how to save money. But what about how to make money? Brigadoon's approach is built on 30 years of experience in commercial communication. We know what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t in marketing and sales. We know the tools for business and brand development better than anyone.

We promise a fast route to results.
 But we’d rather prove it.

Have we

If you've been in the business for over 30 years, working for both agencies and direct clients, chances are you've come across some of our work. Usually a smart strategy or tactic leads to a higher return or the achievement of an objective. So, most of our work is never seen - and that’s the sign of a job well done. Sometimes the best plans remain invisible.

There is always a solution.
But not just anyone can help you find it

As a creative motivator and strategic advisor, Jacco van der Graaf, founder of Brigadoon, was confident in many boardrooms with blue chip companies in the industry, commerce and finance sectors. Today, he puts that experience to work helping SMEs looking for more certainty in their commercial business or brand development.

Also for

There’s good news for allies: Brigadoon is not a competitor. The market is simply too big for that. We’re always working with other agencies. For example: When there’s a big pitch to be won. We work with digital agencies who want to provide a creative plan and theme for their clients. We also team up with PR agencies that need to creatively visualize their plans. We help design agencies that also want to provide content. And we even work for publishers who want to offer more than just a publication.

There’s a reason that we’re not scatting images on this site right from the start. It’s because we love content. Of course, we also love visuals, but they won’t help if you can’t tell a story.

The legend
of Brigadoon

Er ligt een dorp verborgen in de Schotse Hooglanden, waar het verstrijken van een eeuw niet langer duurt dan één dag.

Lang geleden viel het dorp onder een magische betovering die het onveranderd en onzichtbaar houdt voor de buitenwereld. Behalve één dag in de honderd jaar. Geen van de dorpelingen mag die dag het dorp verlaten. Als iemand dat wel doet, wordt de betovering verbroken en verdwijnen het dorp en al zijn inwoners voor altijd in de mist van de Schotse Hooglanden.

De legende van Brigadoon is een goed voorbeeld hoe het juiste verhaal met een beetje magie, aantrekkingskracht, en prikkeling van de fantasie, wereldberoemd kan worden.